Monday, April 12, 2010

Ipad will be the future for online surfing

I purchased an Ipad for my father, the founder and namesake of the company, R. L. Rasmus Auctioneers, Inc.

It was an easy decision. After purchasing all nature of gadgets from PCs, to notebooks, to Kindles, I have been trying for years to get him comfortable with online technology so I could get his valuable feedback.

After toying around with the book, facebook and Wall Street Journal apps, then bookmarking and the Washington Post, it seems the intuitive user interface of pointing, tapping, swiping and pinching is just right.

Truth be told, were anxiously waiting for the release of the G3 model, and his birthday was a terrific reason to both try again to get Ron online while at the same time, getting my Ipad fix in advance of the 3G release.

What's truly amazing about the Ipad is how comfortable it feels on you lap. Pick it up, push the home button, and BAM instant on. tap the web icon and BAM your online, tap the map icon and BAM your cruising the streets. Fast, efficient, intuitive, pleasurable, bright, colorful, productive and fun.

As easy to toss on the couch or coffee table as a magazine. Massively productive, the web in a picture frame on your lap. Tap, swipe, pinch, drag, scroll, look, listen, watch, see, it works, really well.

I love my iphone, but its small screen and relatively sluggish response makes it marginal for the web.

But this Ipad, and the way it does the web and apps... It's definitely the next thing.

Hey look, dads on the internet!

But he's not returning emails yet. :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Technology is Grand!

Today my sister/assistant is having surgery and the entire familiy is pecking and tapping away on macbooks and ipads, communicating with family, customers and clients.

The primary reason we moved our model to the internet, was the huge saving in time it afforded both our company and our buying clients.

In the old days, we would load up station wagons and vans with all nature of TVs, A/V stands, folding tables and chairs, terminals, radios, Wi-Fi, office supplies, sound equipment, projection screens, bidder boxes..... The list went on and on.

Like a band of gypsy's we would travel to the event, unload and set up our dog and pony show, put on the auction and pack it all back up arriving back to our office, exhausted and ready for a two day break.

Given our staff of eleven employees, we could hardly manage the setup, sale and removal of more than two or three events per week, leaving no time for new business development, client visits or office productivity.

One day, in Boston for a Fortune 1000 client, we received a call from the licensing authorities advising we were not going to be able to conduct a live auction.

What a blessing... we advised buyers at the preview that the event would be internet only, as opposed to internet & live.

The rest as they say, is history.

Last year, conducted over 300 auctions throughout the United States.

There are many days I check and remember we just closed an auction or two or three.

I'm often asked, "do you miss doing the live auctions"

For all of our "live" auction fans, I'm sorry to report, "we don't miss the live auctions a bit."

We are, however, completely charged up, preparing for the day, in the not so distant future, when we can sell over 400 auction per year by internet only auction.

While all the time, the Seller, Bidders and Auctioneer participates from the comfort of their home, office, cell phone, Ipad, desk or pajamas.

No, we don't miss live auctions a bit :)

See Ya

Chris Rasmus

Monday, March 29, 2010

Our new Soft-Bar is up and running on

Ya know, Rasmus is really in the special event business. 

My phone rings all day long with Sellers who have extremely unique situations, needs and challenges. 

As a result, our preview, closing and removal dates slide around way more than most auctioneers.  In many ways the Rasmus model allows Sellers the flexibility that a traditional auction just would not accommodate.

So, after much thought, we came to realize that a more immediate form of communication with our Buyers could go a long way in helping everyone get better deals and participate in more events.

We're just now working through the introduction to the new soft-bar feature on our site. 

Shortly, we will begin randomly selecting twitter and facebook mentions we find passed along by our buyers/watchers and fans. Those who "spread the news" about or our events will be receiving special "thank you"s from rasmus T-shirts to new notebook computers. 

So keep an eye on us as we keep an eye on the web.

We want to grow this site so we can provide you with as many buying opportunities as possible. 

Last year we conducted 300 auctions and paid out over $250,000 in referral and JV fees and we would love to do business with you.

Reach out and touch us if you see an opportunity which you think would be a good fit for a rasmus liquidation. It's easy money.... really.

See Ya, 


Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Menu Bar Coming to Rasmus Auctioneers

One of the benefits of having three sons in college is the appreciation of "next" technologies.

As a result of much dinner table discussion, Rasmus Auctioneers is implementing an active social media program to include a soft-bar menu on with quick access to our new blog, facebook and twitter communication.